Community Options, Inc. was founded in 1977, first as a sheltered workshop when the movement to close state-run institutions was gaining momentum. In 1981, the workshop was dismantled; efforts to find community-based employment became the focus, and remains so to this day. Central to the agency’s philosophy is Social Role Valorization (SRV) theory, which emphasizes the dignity of all human beings, and the need to promote and protect a positive image of people with disabilities in society. This shapes not only the content of the services the agency offers, but also how those services are provided. Thus, Community Options has consistently adhered to a strategy that emphasizes as natural a work experience as possible for people with disabilities – one that involves the business directly in providing the supports a person needs, and thus giving the employer a stake in that person’s success. Though the agency has grown considerably over three decades, it has strived to remain relatively small in order to provide the quality and stability of services that comes from knowing people well, and being available to them when needed.